Modern Photography was presented to the people as the newest trend and movement that would surely develop and re-invent the means of aphotograph or the medium and begin its way towards being a proper form of art in the early 1900s. In the years 1910 up to 40 years after it, the most popular style was Pictorialism. It is the use of soft and smooth focuses, specialized filters, unilluminated rooms and places, and other techniques and processes that enable them to make a scene rather than the typical way of capturing.  In this way, people are very much aware of the things happening in the society since Pictorialists, the experts of this type of photography, depicts the present society. It’s the finest form of art at atime for people are very much engrossed to these displays in photo exhibits for these happenings is present in their daily lives. Photos of people walking in the street while using their umbrellas or conversing with their companion are one of the main craft of Pictorialists.

                Talking about modern photography, everything went from scrap to brilliance. Photography from hundreds of years back then was not that fascinating although their process of photography is definitely interesting. Focusing on the status quo, everyone can now be an expert photographer due to the presence of smartphones that can take high-quality photos. The words “selfie” or “groupie” are two of the commonly used jargons in unprofessional photography which involves users of gadgets and social networking sites.

People who engage on the photography professionalism are way much more expert in creating and capturing the most exotic and the most interesting photos. The breakthroughs in the internet and technology itself enabled unique qualities of photo medium that made advancements in the field of photography. With their high technology cameras, they were able to capture photos that can’t be captured from before. Examples of these are photos of the earth and the sky where galaxies and other heavenly bodies can be captured using certain features of expensive yet efficient cameras.

Other than cameras that can capture big or huge objects and matters, modern photography also finds art in capturing tiny and microscopic photos. If they use big lenses to capture very far objects, they can also use this in zooming in very tiny particles in the atmosphere. Unusual photos like these often attract people and are very popular nowadays.