Making the most effective photography does not only rely on skills. It is made easier with modern equipment that will surely capture your most desired and wanted photos.

Prime Cap

Prime Cap is one of the most advanced cameras created by Up Tech. It has not yet released to the public for purchase but its features are way higher technologically advanced. One of the amazing features it does is the Scene capture. You might have one landmark or famous places where you want to take a good picture but fails to do so since there are a lot of people that gather around it. Prime Cap is the best for you. It allows users to take pictures of their favorite places in the absence of people through generating millions of frames at a time and obliterates any moving object, creating the perfect photo. This idea was from the early photography where photographers allow light to pass through a box and let it stay for a while to produce a photo. Aside from this feature, Prime Cap has the capacity of a million amount of light to pass through its lenses that cancel the use of flashes. With these, blurry pictures from flashes can now be obtained and original light can now be captured. What the eye perceives is what the camera captures.


This is one of the most innovative available tripods produced by Main Pot Inc. As we all know, tripods should be placed in a manner that aligns with your object of interest and for the purpose of better stability. This tripod is unlike any other through it automatic adjusting features. It is programmed with the latitude and longitudinal places of the earth that once you place your camera in it, it will immediately adjust to a position which is formidable for your location. You can now capture straight photos with this tripod. The problems with tripods are that they are big and heavy, but this well-built tripod removes unnecessary parts that enable it to be compressed into a ball as big as two hands. Aside from these, this tripod can be controlled by using your smartphone so you have no worries in rotating it if you want to move the focus sideways.

Dual-purpose Lenses, Lexus

Lexus is manufactured by the company Lexus itself. This is one of their very first products that utilize the knowledge about lenses. This lens is a long one that can capture up to 5 kilometers distance; the farthest distance any camera can capture.  Although the quality of a very far scenery is quite pixelated or unclear, Lexus enables its recognized sensors to fill up the dull parts through its on-time GPS signal. With the help of this lens, photographers don’t have to travel to dangerous places just to get pictures of it although it may add extra fun to their experience as photographers. This lens has the ability to capture the fastest moving objects. It is called dual purpose for it can be used reversely and capture smallest and microscopic objects.