Digital Photography

Digital Photography is the most popular form of photography that uses mediums like cameras that comprises of advance detectors of images and photos which can be used to capture magnificent images. These cameras use lenses to help it focus on the desired object. The taken pictures will then be digitized and will be stored in the memory card of the medium and can be transferred to computers and laptops for publishing, viewing, or printing. The advent of technology made way for these improvements and advancements to happen.

Digital Photography means painting with light into a digital sensor. It is a more complex system that makes photography easier to obtain with just some simple and minor adjustments in the Camera. The more light comes into your medium, the better quality your photo has. Digital photography enables a large volume of light to suck into your medium unlike before which benefits the user. Also, digital photography enables people to view their photographs immediately after taking pictures of themselves or the surroundings.

Print Photography

Print photography is the traditional way of obtaining photos. It evolved from simple “obscura boxes” to theeven more complex type of medium of photography. Print photography has its unique feature of having an original component in its outcomes. Although print photography and digital photography are two relatable things, the good about the former is that the photographers themselves can experience the way of printing their own photography through a chemical involved complex process rather than relying on automatic and quick printing machines.

Print photography does not just give entertainment to its users but also enhances their ability in creating originally made and printed photos. This brings back to the old feeling of when technology has not yet emerged and advanced and it just feels good. Many of professional photographers are still engaging in print photography although they have their printing machines and high technology cameras. They plan to preserve the unique beauty of print photography by imparting their knowledge through their books or through seminars and programs that can help young professionals in the future.

Comparing and Contrasting Digital and Print Photography

These two concepts are intertwined with each other that one may vary from the other. Digital photography has gone rampant in the society while print photography is slowly fading. The good thing about having digital photography is that you can easily detect your mistake in capturing pictures since you can view them easily with your medium or your camera. With these, you can immediately learn what things are wrong and make certain actions to correct it. In print photography, in order for you to view your photos, you still have to print it through a very complex process of using chemical substances to produce images on a sheet of paper since viewing your photo on a negative film is insane. The great thing about print photography lies on its way of art. It’s the best art ever existed that human hands can do.

In a nutshell, digital and print photography coexist which each other and this is above all, the most important thing.