Conceptual Photography is one of the innovations that a lot of photographers created. As we all know, the basic photography deals with special captured events like weddings, a flying bird, dogs playing, children running, and many more actual photographs and actual sceneries. The greatness of these things in the context of photography is that anyone can take pictures in almost everywhere. But, brilliant minds took advantage of the power photography brings. Just like how an artist paints a picture, conceptual photography also captures scenery but that particular view is staged but not totally.

Conceptual photography is not just ordinary pictures of stuff but it voices out hundreds of idea. These concepts are commonly used in picture books where only the picture tells the story. Aside from these, conceptual photography is also very useful in reaching people and making them understanding things about politics, society, economy, and many things among others. This type of photography can be abstracts or rather plain photos that express an idea or an emotion.

How photographers embraced it

Photographers have different likes and dislikes and in totality have varying perspectives. Others use conceptual photography to give people the idea with ease while some of them use this type of photography in a more complex manner. Some of them intend to directly give the meaning of a photo while others accept a variety of interpretations and ideas which will attract many people.  Conceptual photography has been very helpful in expressing one’s thoughts through a picture. You can find various conceptual art in museums or on social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr.

Examples of Conceptual Photography

One of the best examples of conceptual photography that can be linked to people who like photography is a photo of a hand holding a camera like a gun and pointing it towards another person’s (a photographer)head. Imagine that in front of the man just right where the gun is pointed are avariety of pictures and photographs forming like a blood from the head. This is simply a magnificent conceptual photography. Being a photographer, aside from your social life and others stuff, the primary thing in your head should be capturing millions of awesome photos that you can share with your family, friends, colleagues, and the entire world.

Another one is a photo of millions of stones and marbles gathered in one place and one similar stone isolated from it, bleeding. This expresses multiple ideas. One might be that being a self-centered person or simply a lone person, causes too much pain. Those people who don’t interact with the society are often hurt or prone to suicide. Or it might be that the left out person don’t want to join that particular group, thus, he was throne with harsh words.

Lastly is a picture of an apple. The apple has already been eaten and it is faced with a mirror and the reflected image is the apple before it was eaten. This means that no matter how down we are or how empty we are, we always look at ourselves as majestic, a form of Optimism. Or it may express regrets when we look at ourselves way back when we were better.