Modern Photography Equipment Must-Haves for Effective Photography

Modern Photography Equipment Must-Haves for Effective Photography

Making the most effective photography does not only rely on skills. It is made easier with modern equipment that will surely capture your most desired and wanted photos.

Prime Cap

Prime Cap is one of the most advanced cameras created by Up Tech. It has not yet released to the public for purchase but its features are way higher technologically advanced. One of the amazing features it does is the Scene capture. You might have one landmark or famous places where you want to take a good picture but fails to do so since there are a lot of people that gather around it. Prime Cap is the best for you. It allows users to take pictures of their favorite places in the absence of people through generating millions of frames at a time and obliterates any moving object, creating the perfect photo. This idea was from the early photography where photographers allow light to pass through a box and let it stay for a while to produce a photo. Aside from this feature, Prime Cap has the capacity of a million amount of light to pass through its lenses that cancel the use of flashes. With these, blurry pictures from flashes can now be obtained and original light can now be captured. What the eye perceives is what the camera captures.


This is one of the most innovative available tripods produced by Main Pot Inc. As we all know, tripods should be placed in a manner that aligns with your object of interest and for the purpose of better stability. This tripod is unlike any other through it automatic adjusting features. It is programmed with the latitude and longitudinal places of the earth that once you place your camera in it, it will immediately adjust to a position which is formidable for your location. You can now capture straight photos with this tripod. The problems with tripods are that they are big and heavy, but this well-built tripod removes unnecessary parts that enable it to be compressed into a ball as big as two hands. Aside from these, this tripod can be controlled by using your smartphone so you have no worries in rotating it if you want to move the focus sideways.

Dual-purpose Lenses, Lexus

Lexus is manufactured by the company Lexus itself. This is one of their very first products that utilize the knowledge about lenses. This lens is a long one that can capture up to 5 kilometers distance; the farthest distance any camera can capture.  Although the quality of a very far scenery is quite pixelated or unclear, Lexus enables its recognized sensors to fill up the dull parts through its on-time GPS signal. With the help of this lens, photographers don’t have to travel to dangerous places just to get pictures of it although it may add extra fun to their experience as photographers. This lens has the ability to capture the fastest moving objects. It is called dual purpose for it can be used reversely and capture smallest and microscopic objects.

Keys to Effective Photography

Keys to Effective Photography

It is the nature of people to do well or better in every action or every matter they are into. In Photography, doing well isn’t that easy and not that hard. You just have to simply take note of these keys to effectively capture your desired images.


A good photography isn’t just some mediocre work. It needs a very good plan that may be written in just your head. As the saying goes “those people who fail to plan, plans to fail”. Everything should start with a plan even with the shortest possible time. This plan will serve as your map towards achieving efficient photographs. Given a situation where you are tasked to capture photos that depict yin and yang or simply two opposing things, without a plan, you will fail to know where to go, what pictures to do, or what concepts are suitable for that matter, thus, ending up taking pictures of puny dogs and cats thinking both of them are opposite entities since they always fight.


If you aim to be good in capturing photos, you need to give ample time to create these photos. Being in a hurry or having less time in capturing photos limits your opportunities in capturing the best sceneries and the photos. Aside from this, giving it more time allows you to think carefully and furtherly what photos will attract people and satisfy your standards. In photography, rushing things will lead to photos which are blurry or unfocused ones and might look dirty and unqualified for people.


The good thing about photography is that several people have already engaged in this and it is not a new thing anymore. An important key in effective photography is to get the advice of the professionals. You might have some family members or friends who know a lot of things in photography and you can ask them for help. Or if they are not available, the advent of technology can help you. There are a lot of professional photographers who share their knowledge in photography through websites or personal account in social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Arthur Whitcomb Photography is one of the many websites that can provide you with the best tips and advice you might need in effectively capturing important photos.

New Ideas

Since a lot of people have been already engaged in photography, the competition lies in the ability of the photographers to create new ideas. To be able to produce a rare photo is the greatest achievement of photographers aside from being able to cope up with the changes.


Evaluating yourself is an essential thing to do for effective photography. It is valuable that you checked on your strengths and your weaknesses so you can focus on what to improve and what to maintain. Many professionals are expert in self-evaluations. With these, they can pinpoint things that need to be enhanced. You might wonder how you can evaluate yourself. The things are you look for photographs of professionals and make this as a basis for your photos but keeping in mind that your captures must be 100 percent original idea.

Conceptual Photography: What is it about?

Conceptual Photography: What is it about?

Conceptual Photography is one of the innovations that a lot of photographers created. As we all know, the basic photography deals with special captured events like weddings, a flying bird, dogs playing, children running, and many more actual photographs and actual sceneries. The greatness of these things in the context of photography is that anyone can take pictures in almost everywhere. But, brilliant minds took advantage of the power photography brings. Just like how an artist paints a picture, conceptual photography also captures scenery but that particular view is staged but not totally.

Conceptual photography is not just ordinary pictures of stuff but it voices out hundreds of idea. These concepts are commonly used in picture books where only the picture tells the story. Aside from these, conceptual photography is also very useful in reaching people and making them understanding things about politics, society, economy, and many things among others. This type of photography can be abstracts or rather plain photos that express an idea or an emotion.

How photographers embraced it

Photographers have different likes and dislikes and in totality have varying perspectives. Others use conceptual photography to give people the idea with ease while some of them use this type of photography in a more complex manner. Some of them intend to directly give the meaning of a photo while others accept a variety of interpretations and ideas which will attract many people.  Conceptual photography has been very helpful in expressing one’s thoughts through a picture. You can find various conceptual art in museums or on social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr.

Examples of Conceptual Photography

One of the best examples of conceptual photography that can be linked to people who like photography is a photo of a hand holding a camera like a gun and pointing it towards another person’s (a photographer)head. Imagine that in front of the man just right where the gun is pointed are avariety of pictures and photographs forming like a blood from the head. This is simply a magnificent conceptual photography. Being a photographer, aside from your social life and others stuff, the primary thing in your head should be capturing millions of awesome photos that you can share with your family, friends, colleagues, and the entire world.

Another one is a photo of millions of stones and marbles gathered in one place and one similar stone isolated from it, bleeding. This expresses multiple ideas. One might be that being a self-centered person or simply a lone person, causes too much pain. Those people who don’t interact with the society are often hurt or prone to suicide. Or it might be that the left out person don’t want to join that particular group, thus, he was throne with harsh words.

Lastly is a picture of an apple. The apple has already been eaten and it is faced with a mirror and the reflected image is the apple before it was eaten. This means that no matter how down we are or how empty we are, we always look at ourselves as majestic, a form of Optimism. Or it may express regrets when we look at ourselves way back when we were better.

Digital Photography Vs Print Photography

Digital Photography Vs Print Photography

Digital Photography

Digital Photography is the most popular form of photography that uses mediums like cameras that comprises of advance detectors of images and photos which can be used to capture magnificent images. These cameras use lenses to help it focus on the desired object. The taken pictures will then be digitized and will be stored in the memory card of the medium and can be transferred to computers and laptops for publishing, viewing, or printing. The advent of technology made way for these improvements and advancements to happen.

Digital Photography means painting with light into a digital sensor. It is a more complex system that makes photography easier to obtain with just some simple and minor adjustments in the Camera. The more light comes into your medium, the better quality your photo has. Digital photography enables a large volume of light to suck into your medium unlike before which benefits the user. Also, digital photography enables people to view their photographs immediately after taking pictures of themselves or the surroundings.

Print Photography

Print photography is the traditional way of obtaining photos. It evolved from simple “obscura boxes” to theeven more complex type of medium of photography. Print photography has its unique feature of having an original component in its outcomes. Although print photography and digital photography are two relatable things, the good about the former is that the photographers themselves can experience the way of printing their own photography through a chemical involved complex process rather than relying on automatic and quick printing machines.

Print photography does not just give entertainment to its users but also enhances their ability in creating originally made and printed photos. This brings back to the old feeling of when technology has not yet emerged and advanced and it just feels good. Many of professional photographers are still engaging in print photography although they have their printing machines and high technology cameras. They plan to preserve the unique beauty of print photography by imparting their knowledge through their books or through seminars and programs that can help young professionals in the future.

Comparing and Contrasting Digital and Print Photography

These two concepts are intertwined with each other that one may vary from the other. Digital photography has gone rampant in the society while print photography is slowly fading. The good thing about having digital photography is that you can easily detect your mistake in capturing pictures since you can view them easily with your medium or your camera. With these, you can immediately learn what things are wrong and make certain actions to correct it. In print photography, in order for you to view your photos, you still have to print it through a very complex process of using chemical substances to produce images on a sheet of paper since viewing your photo on a negative film is insane. The great thing about print photography lies on its way of art. It’s the best art ever existed that human hands can do.

In a nutshell, digital and print photography coexist which each other and this is above all, the most important thing.